Our Services

Our services help our enterprise clients evolve their cyber defenses with a focus on people, process, and technology. Our cyber security services are designed to transcend current practices, and provide resiliency for your critical systems. Our methodologies and approach evolved from defending the world’s largest defense contractor from sophisticated cyber attacks. These industry recognized “best-in-class” methodologies include kill chain analytics and cyber intelligence frameworks for proactive cyber defense. Our team leverages expansive cross-industry experience to enhance and mature your cyber security programs.


Strategic Consulting

We provide Strategic Consulting services to advise boards of directors and executive leadership on the dynamic threat environment, organizational development, and investment prioritization. These services enable effective strategic planning and roadmap development for cyber security initiatives across the organization and management of cyber risk at the enterprise level.


Enterprise Transformation Servicesqtq80-FTcqCf

Our Enterprise Transformation Services are focused on improving our clients’ security and system resiliency and transforming security across the enterprise. They are designed around advanced cyber defense frameworks and customized across a variety of organizational functions. These include Security Operation Centers (SOCs), Threat Intelligence Functions, Incident Response Programs, Red Teams, Blue Teams, Vulnerability Program, Enterprise Architecture, and IT & OT Integration.


qtq80-ilW4L5SOC Transformation & Operations

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) Transformation & Operations services offer a variety of engagement models to accelerate the design, optimization, enhancement, and maturity of SOC environments from a reactive to proactive defensive model. This includes embedding analysts for knowledge transfer; staff augmentation to build out your cyber teams; and full outsourcing of security operations or functions.



Security Assessments & Strategy

We provide a broad range of security assessments to gauge the maturity and readiness of your enterprise to defend against cyber attacks, to identify and quantify risks, and to recommend options for mitigation.

Security Framework Assessments are designed to evaluate the effectiveness of organizational security controls against established industry best practice frameworks, including NIST, C2M2, ISO, and FFIEC.

Advanced Cyber Assessments leverage advanced cyber defense frameworks to evaluate your organization’s sustainability and resiliency to defend against, sustain, and recover from targeted attacks and to apply intelligence and analytical models to enhance the ability to utilize proactive cyber defense.

Industrial Control System Assessments utilize proven methodologies, tools, and subject matter expertise to evaluate the security posture of your Industrial Control Systems, Process Control Networks, and SCADA environments and the risks in your Operational and Business Networks.



Enterprise Security Testing

Our Enterprise Security Testing services identify vulnerabilities and provide comprehensive mitigation strategies.

Vulnerability Assessments identify and quantify security vulnerabilities in your enterprise and provide mitigation measures to reduce risk and improve defensive resiliency.

Penetration Testing, both internal and external, simulate attackers attempting to breach computer systems, networks and applications with a focus on discovery of previously unknown vulnerabilities, and development of customized actions to mitigate the risk.

LiveFire® Threat Emulation leverages sophisticated adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures to map an organization’s cyber defense capabilities, defensive resiliency, and response activities across people, process and technology to generate a comprehensive heat map of the residual threat landscape. Delivered with a series of tactical and strategic recommendations, LiveFire® reporting enables the critical discussions on enterprise defensive depth by providing real-world adversarial detail well beyond the scope of an average penetration test.

Industrial Control Systems Securityqtq80-84v2x5

Our Industrial Control System (ICS) Security services help our clients build and operate ICS and IIOT security programs and technology across all phases of the lifecycle. This includes global assessments of your operational environment and strategic roadmaps for maturing operational security. We provide comprehensive ICS vulnerability management, testing, design, implementation, and operation of large-scale programs such as IT/OT/Physical SOC integration. Our team has experience working with numerous industry frameworks and standards including NERC CIP, NEI 08-09, IEC 62443, CFATS, DOE C2M2 and others.





Incident Response & Remediation

Our Incident Response (IR) & Remediation services provide both pre- and post-intrusion and incident response actions to enable clients to contain, eradicate, mitigate and recover from high impact intrusions.  Leveraging our proven IR methodology ensures a holistic lifecycle from Incident Response Planning and Exercises to active incident response. Our impact analysis and recovery planning includes enterprise countermeasures and continuous improvement strategies to minimize future incidents. These services include enhancement of current IR capabilities across people, process and technology to improve readiness and defensive resiliency against advanced cyber attacks.